Ms. Pranoti S. Bansode

Ph. D. Student


"Development of Electronically steerable phased array antenna in Low temperature cofired Ceramic (LTCC)


Shrikant Madan Maske

Senior Research Fellow


Fiber Optic based sensors,Photonics, Embedded systems and Instrumentation


Dipak Shelar

Ph.D. student


Wireless sensor Network,Embedded system, PLC and Precision Agriculture


Ashish Kumar Roy

Ph.D. Student


Digital Signal Processing, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image processing and instrumentation


Shinde Onkar Shankarrao ;

Ph.D. Student


Semiconductor Device Modeling and Characterization, Passivation of Silicon Solar cells, Solar cell materials and development, Photovoltaic system design, Concentrated PV, Thermal Performance Tests,Large area Semiconductor Thin films for Photo-voltaic Applications and Reliability testing of thin film Modules.


Mr. Kanade A.T.

Ph.D. Student


Development of Electronic Nose Using Metal Oxide Semiconductor Sensors for the Classification and Grading of Guava Fruits


Mr. Laddha Rajendra S.

Ph.D. Student


Development of improved performance fiber optic sensors and their use in automobile applications


Mr. Yogesh R. Bhavsar

Ph.D. Student


Design and Development of Wireless Sensor Network to Monitor and Control Multi Commodity Cold Storage


Mr. Vipul Dhongade

Ph.D. Student


Demand Driven Multi-source Hybrid Energy Generation and Monitoring System for Renewable Energy Sources Using Internet of Things Platform


Mr. Kadlag Dhananjay Navnath

Ph.D. Student


Development of high efficiency transformerless inverter for photovoltaic application


Mr. Prabhakar Varde

Ph.D. Student


Development of SAW Devices for application in Polymer Nanocomposite based Gas Sensors.


Mr. Sagar Dhatrak

Ph.D. Student


Development of Micro Air Vehicle(MAV) for Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping(SLAM


Mrs. Varsha M. Bapat

Ph.D. Student


Study of Contemporary Crop Security Systems and development of Sustainable Technology Assisted Upgrades.


Mr. Girish Vilas Avhale

Ph.D. Student


Design and development of Internet of Things (IoT) platform for end to end monitoring and efficient supply chain managementin dairy industry


Mr. Jitender B. Bhosale

Ph.D. Student


Development of cognitive Radio based MANET for backbone network access in distress communication.


Mrs. Mukta Saxena

Ph.D. Student


Design and implemenation of multimodal Electrical impedance tomography system for NDT applications.


Mr. Ishaan Karnik

Ph.D. Student


Design, development and performance evaluation of photo-voltaic system for variable load configuration in indian climatic conditions.


Mrs. Nanda V Ranade

Ph.D. Student


Designand Development of Electrical Impedance Tomography(EIT) System for NDT Applications